As a police officer, you learn that one of the riskiest actions you can take is when you are off-duty with no immediate back-up. To make up for lost slumber, take an afternoon catnap (no more than 30 minutes, though, because an extended daytime snooze can keep you awake at night). If you’ve had too much to drink, you may be wondering how to sober up quickly. So, take some time to think about the interview questions that you’ll actually enjoy answering, like the 36 real-life Qs we’ve gathered here from Glassdoor, Quora, Vault, and FlexJobs. Episode 1: So Glad to be Alive. Your spouse chops wood Your doctor will follow up with you with test results and details about using CPAP at home. If you work a night shift or use a lot of electronic devices at night, consider wearing blue-blocking glasses or installing an app that filters the blue/green wavelength at night. I get up every morning to keep growing in my field so I can one day take on a management role, and provide my family with the absolute best life possible. Fight back with these tips. Staying up late with your tablet or phone can rob you of a good night's sleep. Stop your gadgets from keeping you awake at night. Being praised for a job well done—and believing in the work I do—motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. There … The search for a way to sober up fast is an endless one. I have to admit that when I first heard of the celery juice craze, I was a bit underwhelmed. So, while you certainly don’t need to be fast asleep by 9 p.m. sharp, it’s probably best to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to actually get full night of sleep. 3. Expose yourself to lots of bright light during the day, which will boost your ability to sleep at night, as well as your mood and alertness during daylight. You should do the same, not just for you but for your family as well. Starting with its third season, Awake at Night will be published by the United Nations. It’s natural to wake several times in the night without remembering – but waking up out of deep sleep so you’re left tossing and turning could be a sign of trouble. Search for Awake At Night wherever you listen to podcasts, and subscribe to hear it first. Despite all of the training and experience, police officers still want to keep the odds in their favor. Season Two. During the night, a sleep technician will adjust the levels of air pressure, to determine what level is right for you. Kids who grew up with Goosebumps in the '90s: It’s time to graduate onto R.L. "What gets you up in the morning?" Sleeping difficulty is when you have trouble sleeping at night. It may be hard for you to fall asleep, or you may wake up several times throughout the night. Split-night sleep study Sometimes, a sleep study will combine a polysomnogram and CPAP titration study in the same night. Stine’s teen and adult horror books -- stories that are meant to scare you deeply and sincerely, rather than rattle you, but with a safety net always in place, reminding you that the book is just a book. FIND LATEST EPISODES . Season Three. SUBSCRIBE SHARE ABOUT.