Cygnus now resides with Tracy and Glen Harris in Anacortes, WA. Find the perfect puppy for sale in California at Next Day Pets. Amid the worry with Jai, we welcome a new gift of great potential. One lamb lost to Raven attack. Chandra will reside in Shropshire, England at GooseCreek Kennels with Liz Beaumont. December 4th They are Seven weeks old. Freya is the Green Girl from the B Litter of Intention Hill. Gabbit will train in narcotics detection and protection, and team with Jairam for skijor when he is old enough. Aarti, Abhithi and I visited with "Mulder" Amal (aka Aqua Boy) for the afternoon. She covered her stock a couple times, but then let them run down field in the PT course. October 16-19, 2014 National Canine Health Symposium Visit "Novak's page here. Puppies have been reserved for Search and Rescue, IPO/schutzhund, agility/disc dog, herding and PPD. 2:02am PDT female, 12.15 oz Lavender (might change to flowers) The vet came out and took blood samples and skin scrapings but found nothing conclusive except for a high WBC. She has shown excellent focus on some puppy tracks. "Thor" Bashir of Intention Hill competed in his first ever agility trial. Carmella will remain at Intention Hill. BT-EL3828M46-VPI (Normal Elbows) It also brings closure to families, in unfortunate and sad cases, and saves lives in other cases. I learned that "Radha" Cantata A av Thargelion, RN qualified for 2017 AKC Rally® National Championship Eligibility List, because of her high scores in her Rally Novice classes back in October. Abhithi is from the Basquelaine A of Intention Hill Litter (Matti x Savannah). We'll try to get ready for the July ASCA trial here in Montana. Find Belgian Sheepdog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Belgian Sheepdog information. She did spectacular! Rally Novice Legs for Radha - "Radha" Cantata A av Thargelion earned a leg towards her RN title at the Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Regional Specialty Aug 20. Report Ad. Some of their activities outdoors have been limited by bitter cold temeratures here in Montana - 2 degrees this morning, and it's expected to grow colder! Chandra is from the C Litter of Intention Hill (Chase x Aanandi) which has three of the four puppies in performance or working endeavors. Freya joins Zachary and Megan Carlson and their 3 ferrets and 1 cat as a new family member outside the Cleveland area. LITTER PLANS!!! We'll try obedience at Home Depot and there is an obedience class starting up locally that we will join. I would treat patches of bald thick skin, and the hair would grow back, only to see other patches erupt. I also created a Facebook page just for Intention Hill, as my own personal profile was getting so full of photos. Jahnu's OFA preliminary xrays came back - HIPS EXCELLENT, ELBOWS NORMAL! The trail was aged just over six hours. Gabbit began treatment for pannus. born October 2, 2013. Thor is now training in agility. Browse thru Belgian Malinois Puppies for Sale near Yucaipa, California, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. He's currently at 271 pts, and needs a total of 300pts to complete the DDX title. His adopter needs to understand he’s not a social butterfly and takes time to warm up. Phone: 0417464573 . I'm so impressed with her. I had to be in her face a few times, she was putting too much pressure on the sheep. She says she learned some new frisbee techniques to boot, from Martin Daunais. If opportunity presents, I'd like her to go to Marla for training and handling. August 2011 There was one point where the sheep balled up in the corner, and one dropped it's nose to her, which eliceted a perfect head from her. September 3, 2011 She may continue with IPO, but her club moved two hours away, so this is not particularly conducive to continuing. Radha is shared with me by her breeder Carina Tollefsen. Once we move back to Washington or Oregon, we will inroll in some local activities. Dec 21, 2020 5. New photos of "Mulder" (Amal), Abhithi and Aanand, 7 months oldi: Photos here. So not having finds doesn't mean a dog and handler are not working hard - but when there is a find, it is a wonderful affirmation to our training and efforts, and the capabilities of the dogs. She had her first IPWDA certification in 2009. Find Belgian Shepherd dogs and puppies from California breeders. "Freya" Brietta of Intention Hill brings home some loot at her 2nd Disc Dog Trial, August 2014 (Distance and Accuracy, Bullseye, Spot Landing and Time Trial). Find Belgian Malinois Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Belgian Malinois information. "Novak" Anuraag, CGN, HIC, BDD, DDX and a Q in agility, and now exploring IPO as a possibility I learned so much in our short session. RIP Unia d'Ajelpajo, granddam of my Jai. (Aug 2014), "Makani" Bhanavi of Intention Hill, 10 months Search the web and you’ll find 50 German Shepherds compared to one, quality Malinois for sale. The judge liked it. And so we have an empty nest at Intention Hill, and prepare for a season of skijor and possibly sledding. Belgian malinois puppies. Disco gave an intensity of energy and enthusiasm to her offspring. She is adored by Kelley and Rick, and also now known as Princess. December 10, 2011 "Pinkie" Basquelaine Ashwini of Intention Hill, RA, CD, SAR recertified to Human Remains Detection with IPWDA. The second early loss last year was due to fox predation. Dr. Pitcairn was an early promoter of raw feeding, alternative (or vaccine free) protocols, and the treatments of disease with homeopathy in dogs. For a SAR test, this is a bit fast, as it means a very brisk walk, or light jog, to finish the trail without any problem areas. They have been vet checked, dewormed and vaccinated. All three dogs were world championship participants in IPO. New photos of Gabbit and Aarti at Lake Kookanoosa-MT, 7 months old: Photos here. Between 1911 and World War II, the Malinois enjoyed a good deal of popularity in America. She might not have the opportunity to show. And although we are primarily known as west coast Belgian Malinois breeders that provide quality Belgian Malinois puppies for sale in California …our clients are located all over the western states. October 11th, I took four dogs to work with Lynn Leach. "Savannah" Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR, "Pinkie" Basquelaine Ashwini of Intention Hill, "Abhithi" Basquelaine Abhithi of Intention Hill. Her final route was nearly 2 miles long. Puppies for sale from dog breeders near California. I was going through some old video, and realized I'd never shared these two lovely video's of "Makani" Bhanavi of Intention Hill in agility class. While we were there testing, we had the pleasure of seeing "Brodie" Bajrang of Intention Hill, SAR-W, who was there with his co-owners Gail and Aaron Collins. However Gabbit can work on obedience and tracking aspects for IPO. She got fluids for 1/2 day, IV. Aanandi is confirmed in whelp, with puppies due October 27. June 2014 - B Litter Updates First time with an indoor trial and seemed very happy to be back at it. She will be eight years old next Spring, and probably spayed after her litter leaves for their new homes. Aarti was the sickest, but still maintained her energy to go potty at the litter, or to vary her sleeping spots.